Ayo I’m tired of using technology …

I’m so irritated right now

And it’s down to the fact my boyfriends phone isn’t working, keeps freezing and turning off for ages.. Now I’m not some naive teen who thinks it’s broken when really he’s just avoiding me, we spend so much time together I’ve seen the problem myself many times!

We literally text each other all day long if we aren’t physically together.. He’s even text me from a different room on occasion! But recently at his new job they don’t allow phones on the floor so that cut out hours of talking time already and now this stupid phone problem is happening it means we barely talk all evening either..

Just makes me realise how reliant we are on our phones and our constant communication is taken so much for granted. All I want to do is text normally back and forth and not wait ages for my texts to deliver or for his to send. I know you’re thinking “first world problems” but I am a first world resident and this is my problem.

So I’m sitting here irritated and just missing him. But either way there’s no text message that can replace a hug or a kiss so maybe I will just enjoy it all the more when I see him in real life tomorrow, fuck your technology.



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