The job hunt continues..

Imagine my absolute joy to go to an interview where the interviewer is actually really nice and seems so content with me .. Only to find out it’s for a part time job and be can’t offer me full time hours!
It’s like .. I feel really positive on one hand because he reinforced that I am a nice, genuine person and definitely an employable person… But it’s kinda disheartening once again to come back from an interview knowing nothing can come of it.
All I want is a job where I can afford to pay my rent every month and have a little bit of money left over for food and travel. I don’t been want any outrageous wage, just enough to bring me back to a situation where I am not going into anymore debt.
I love London and I love my boyfriend and I don’t want to have to leave either of them.
Only way this will work is if I stay as positive as I can and keep applying for more jobs every day. I will get one.

But just incase I’ve decided to start doing the lottery aswell… If you’re not in you can’t win 🙂


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