Guest Post – Love

Oh my god I love this.. A child is something to be treasured and loved and shown how to lead a good life. I don’t think it matters where that love comes from as long as it is there. Single mums, single dads, grandparents, gay couples, aswell as heterosexual couples can all make excellent parents as long as there is plenty of love and affection and quality time involved.

I always feel it’s so unjust to come across parents who don’t seem to value their children or even treat them like the innocent kid they are. If I am to be blessed with a child naturally I will be the happiest girl in the world.. Of it doesn’t happen naturally I will find a way to become a parent by other means.. I can’t wait to be a mum and any child of mine will be wanted and loved and taught right from wrong and hopefully grow to be a well adjusted person.


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