Morning’s here

I don’t believe I’ve been up since 5.15am and I can’t get back to sleep. It’s now almost 9.30. I’m lying in bed wide awake just thinking how crappy it is to be awake so early when I literally have nothing to do for the entire day.

When you are unemployed your days just lose meaning. Weekdays or weekends, it’s all the same. So much time to fill but no money to do anything and everybody else is at work so there’s no one to spend time with. I keep looking at jobs and applying but more times you don’t even get a reply. Job hunting in London is proving a lot more difficult than I imagined.

My other half started a job two weeks ago and before that we had over five months of being together most days and nights with no work to think about. Yeah, it was blissful to be honest. Late nights, late mornings, duvet days, strolls to the park.. Even without money we had each other to occupy the days.

I feel like I may aswell get up and get dressed now, go grab a coffee or whatever to relieve the boredom of this morning so far. Then it’s back to more job applications and shitty daytime TV.


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