Should be sleeping but..

I don’t feel right. I’m in a weird mood the last few days where I’m questioning everything.

What if…

This phrase is a pain in the ass. If you spend your life wondering “what if” then you miss out on all the actual happenings!

What if I did something in my past a different way? What if I say a certain thing today? What if a crisis happens tomorrow? These types of questions can drive you insane but I guess we all sit and think about the answers to them sometimes.

Yes, you may have been able to do something differently in your past but you can’t CHANGE the past, so you may as well stop lamenting about it and what you could have done differently and how that would have affected your life. Move on from the past and realise you are not your past, you are the person you choose to be and you can change how you act or how you speak or think at anytime whatsoever.

In your present you can’t stop and think “what if” at every turn.. Sometimes you just need to make an instant decision and run with it! These days you can’t possibly have the time needed to weigh out the pros and cons of every single decision each day. If you can make a quick decision about what colour socks to wear or what coffee to order then try to apply that calm uncomplicated thinking to other choices in life. You will naturally gravitate towards what feels right so don’t doubt yourself, just go for it.

As for the future, I reckon the only way you can improve what’s coming next is to enjoy yourself in your present and that will bring you more and more happiness for your future.. I know it is human nature it to wonder about that which we don’t know or haven’t experienced yet, but, as a believer in the law of attraction, it’s clear you need to focus all your thoughts on feeling happy and feeling fulfilled so that you can attract more of those feelings for your future.

Now if I could just take my own advice and stop wondering about the what ifs then it would all be wonderful but sometimes I can’t even help myself. I want to think about how things I decide now may affect my future or how decisions I made in the past have affected my future..

I guess my saving Grace is that my present, although far from perfect, is giving me good feelings of love and that is strong enough to outweigh the negativity from being unemployed. I just hope that for my own sanity I get a job soon so that I get to have a busier schedule and less time to worry about money or relationships. Nothing worse than too much time on your hands. End up thinking all sorts of crazy stuff and putting yourself on edge. Like now.



  1. How about taking a different approach? Instead of thinking about the past or the negative outcomes ask yourself “what if something great was to happen instead. What if I got my dream job or met that special someone? What if I could be do or have anything I want?” Use that pestering question to inspire hope!

      1. Yes, we definitely have to be patient. I do the same exact thing. It takes time to change thinking habits- time and determination, but every time we change a negative thought to a positive one its a huge victory. Just don’t get upset with yourself when you think negatively. Instead stop yourself and combat it with a smile and an affirmation. “All is well!”

      2. I will definitely keep enjoying the positives in my life as it does seem to work for me! Brought me money when I needed it and found the man of my dreams so the job is the next part! Thanks for all your advice 🙂

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