It’s hard to be living in a different country away from my family and my friends. When I moved to London I really only knew one or two people over here and not very well. It was a brand new beginning for me, which I wanted and needed I think.

When I went to college last summer I met my best friend over here and she’s my rock. I met her cousin and we all became friends. I also made another friend through chatting on twitter for months before the move and I see her sometimes. I’ve made one or two good acquaintances through doing photoshoots etc but again it’s not like having lots of real friends over here.

I obviously see my boyfriend most days which is lovely and he wants to be around me as much as he can. But certain times, he wants to do other things and I’m kinda stuck with no one in the house or the few friends I have are too far away or too busy… It’s hard! I get a kind of lonely feeling or a left out kinda feeling. I definitely don’t expect him to be my shadow and constantly within my reach but I do find it hard to have not many other distractions, especially because of being unemployed, I just have so much free time. I try to do things during the day and get out of the house but it’s also a pain because I don’t have money to spare and going out in London requires a few pounds even if you don’t do much!!

I guess I miss the ease of having my car and just popping into a friend or going downstairs to chat to my mum. It’s a big difference being over here lonely and having so much spare time and no spare money!

Just have to stay positive and feel that a job is on it’s way!! Hopefully when I’m busy five days a week I will learn to enjoy my Me Time and not worry about being stuck home alone anymore!


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