More job hunting

This whole online application process is getting soooo repetitive and boring.

I have literally applied for an average of up to five or six jobs per day the last few weeks, and I have had no replies for anything since the end of June! And even that was for a job I can’t accept due to the contracted hours being too low.

I really really need an income soon, my savings are going to run out this summer and I will be in such a quandary. I don’t want to leave London, I want to stay here and build a life with my boyfriend. If I run out of money it means I have to return to Ireland, with no money and no job and maybe no boyfriend… I can’t even comprehend. He says he will come with me if I have to go but I know he doesn’t really want to. It’s such a predicament I can’t stop thinking about it.

I need to go and read The Secret again and get some positivity top ups. I also might try some meditation because I need to calm my mind and not allow myself get panicky again.



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