Does Eye Color Predict How You Respond To Pain?‏ (Science is Awesome)

This is so interesting.. I have heard folklore about different color hair and eyes meaning you have different qualities and abilities but I didn’t know it has been scientifically researched!

I have blue eyes so hopefully my pain threshold is high! That’s kind of comforting when I imagined the pain of childbirth ahead! Eek!!


Why do most people go to their doctors? One word: pain. It is the most common motivation behind any long wait in a health care provider’s office and accounts for more than 70 million physician office visits annually. Pain, then, is a top concern for many researchers, some of whom may be more apt to explore the differences in perceptions of pain rather than investigate causes ofpain.

For instance, Dr. Inna Belfer, a geneticist at the University of Pittsburgh, discovered that women with blue or green eyes handle hurt better than those with brown or hazel eyes.

“Human pain is correlated with multiple factors like gender, age, and hair color,” Belfer said in a symposium at the American Pain Society‘s annual meeting.

“Researchers have found that red hair is associated with resistance to anesthetics and also to increased anxiety and darker eye color has been reportedly found to correlate with increased physiologic…

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