I’m melting!!!


Oh my lord this heat is killing me!! I’ve just been out to the Westfields shopping centre, praise The Lord for air conditioning!

In this type of hot weather I feel like I want to take up residence in my shower. I leave the house feeling fresh and by the time I get to the next road I feel like I’ve been sitting in a sauna all day wearing a ski suit. Boiling!! I wonder is it because I’m Irish and we are used to such boring mild weather. I don’t think my body and skin are made to cope with 30 degree heat, especially when it’s on a regular day!

Now that being said.. It’s a whole other story if I’m on a lounger with a cocktail, next to a swimming pool, in the Caribbean or something! I think in my little bikini I could cope with that quite well for a couple weeks! I guess I don’t have the confidence to stroll around London wearing next to nothing in daylight hours!

So I’ve just got home. I’ve removed every inch of clammy clothing and am currently setting the shower to cold before I climb in and spend the next hour regulating my body temperature!


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