I’m sitting in Starbucks having been asked to stay away from my flat for 24 hours due to building and painting going on.

I have a big gearbag with all our valuables in it, which I need to bring to my boyfriends mums house before I meet him at 6.30.

This is annoying.. I feel like I’m just aimlessly waiting on everything and it’s all out of my control! Can I just reiterate how impatient I am and I can’t stand waiting.

It’s so sunny and I’m enjoying my Frappuchino but it’s kinda boring. My boyfriends sister asked me to go to the park with her and her son so I will go meet them shortly, but I have to organise to drop this bag off first. It’s such a pain not having a car!!!! Paying loads is different fares to go different places by public transport is so longgggg 😦

Hopefully by tomorrow my landlord should be done and I might get some normality back at my flat. It’s like I can’t relax at all and I literally hate that feeling of uncertainty and insecurity.

I’m such a creature of habit!


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